Privacy: does not sell or share any customer information. We take reasonable measures to keep your data secure and do not store any financial data on any of our systems. We store customer names, email, addresses, and order data in electronic format as necessary to provide our services.

Order Data: Customer agrees to provide with all requested data in order to complete orders. This includes art files, mock ups, packing slips and other materials as requested. Failure to provide necessary files to complete orders may result in order processing delays.

Pricing: Customer has reviewed pricing guide on website and understands that ink-heavy art will result in additional charges to cover material and labor costs. Pricing is subject to change and any pricing updates will be provided to customers in advance of their taking effect.

Timely Payment: Customer agrees that timely payment of invoices is crucial to use of's services. Customer agrees to pay all invoices within 1 business days of receipt or fees may be charged to credit card on file. Failure to remit payment will result in a loss of services.

Sales Tax: provides a service and does not collect sales tax. Customer is the product retailer and responsible for sales tax collection.

Right to Refuse Service: reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

Intellectual Property: All art files provided to are the property of the original owner. Providing with art files extends a license to print your art as necessary to fulfill your orders. Ownership of intellectual property does NOT transfer to Customer is responsible for verifying that they have rights to use art files provided to and will not use art files that illegally infringe on another entity's intellectual property.