How It Works
Working with DropShipDTG as your one-stop apparel printing and fulfillment solution is actually super-easy! So easy, in fact, that it can be explained in just six simple steps!

Step 1: Sign Up!

Just click the "join" link above to complete the sign-up process. If you have promotional items that you'd like DropShipDTG to include in the packages shipped to your customers, now is also the time to send those to us. We’ll provide the mailing address for those materials via email once your account has been activated.

Step 2: Accept Orders Via Your Online Store

Once your account is activated, you can begin taking orders. You can accept orders for tees, hoodies and other products we offer via any web store, including Big Cartel, Shopify, Etsy, Store Envy, etc. We’ve even created free downloadable templates you can use to easily and quickly create professional-quality product photos for your online store, as well as print-ready high-resolution templates for use in catalogs! (Templates may be accessed from your account dashboard.) But you’re not limited to web orders — you can even take orders in person at festivals, conventions, or craft shows and send those orders our way to print and ship!

Step 3: Send DropShipDTG Your Order Details and Packing Slips!

Once you've got orders, there are two methods you can use to send them our way:

1. Manually enter individual order details into our handy web form after you sign in, OR

2. Batch-upload multiple orders at once by entering order details into our pre-formatted downloadable spreadsheet template, saving it as a .CSV file, and uploading the .CSV file to us via your "account home" dashboard after signing in. This method is strongly recommended for clients receiving multiple orders a day who are looking to save time!

Since DropShipDTG ships your orders "blind", there's no need to change your current packing slip format. Thank goodness! Just make sure that every packing slip file you send to DropShipDTG includes your order number and your customer's shipping address. Preferred file types for packing slips include .JPG and .PDF files. For every order, you'll need to provide us with three files:

  • A link to a packing slip file that can be printed out and included with your customer’s order
  • A link to a mock-up image depicting the appropriate shirt color and where on the shirt your art is to be printed
  • A link to your print-ready art file
For info on how to conveniently send these files to us, click here to visit our FAQ page!

Step 4: DropShipDTG Jumps Into Action!

Once you've sent us your order and its corresponding files, your order status will show up in the Order Queue on your "account home" dashboard as "Accepted". All "Accepted" orders in your Order Queue can still be modified in case your customer mistakenly selected the wrong size, style, or shirt color when placing their order through your online shop.

Once we have the appropriate blank item ready to go, your order status changes to "In Production". This means your design is currently being printed, and no further changes can be made to the order.

Once the item has been printed, the order status changes to "Ready To Ship" — the item is ready for folding, packing, and shipping to your customer! After we've handed off your customer's order to the good people at the U.S. Postal Service, your order status changes to "Shipped" and the tracking number is available in your Order Queue. It's the next-best thing to instant gratification

Step 5: DropShipDTG Sends You An Invoice

Remember when we said using DropShipDTG meant no up-front cost to you? We meant it!

We invoice our clients weekly for all orders received, printed, and shipped over the course of the previous week. That means you get a whole week to roll around in your now overflowing money bin before you need to pay for the blank items and our printing, packing, and shipping services! DropShipDTG just kindly requests that all clients pay invoices in full within 24 hours of receipt. A pretty fair deal for making all those benjamins with virtually no work on your part, huh? We think so too!

Step 6: Your Customer Beams When They See YOUR Awesome Art On Their Body!

That's it! That's the whole DropShipDTG process! Pretty easy, huh? Now go work on some more art, you creative dynamo — we'll handle everything else!