Order a Sample Featuring Your Art Work
We recommend ordering a sample shirt featuring your art so you can see how your finished product will look. Use the order form below to place a sample order. Our handy order form will automatically calculate the total cost for your samples and provide you with a link to PayPal to complete the order.

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Note: File sharing services such as DropBox will allow you to store your art files and generate a private URL to share those files with us. Simply upload your art files to a DropBox folder and then right-click the file and select "share link". When the sharing screen pops up, click "get link" and the link to your art file will be ready to paste into the form below. We strongly recommend using a high resolution Photoshop (.psd) file with a transparent background. Vector .eps, Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or high resolution .png files are also acceptable. Make sure your art file is in CMYK color mode for best color matching results. If you need help preparing a print-ready art file please contact us. For sharing mock up URLs please use a link to a jpg, png or gif from your online store. If you do not have an online store please use an image sharing service such as imgur.com.

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