Why Should You Join DropShipDTG.com Today?

1. T-Shirts Sell Better. Period.
Are you already selling posters, coasters, mouse pads, tea towels, or other products featuring your art? Great! Now think about how much money you made last year selling those items. Would you like to make twice as much money this year with no up-front cost and very little additional work? Mama didn't raise no fool — of course you would! Then it's time to get into the apparel market.

Apparel outsells home decor for major retailers pretty much across the board. At Walmart, apparel outsells home decor by more than 2 to 1. At Macy's, home decor makes up only 16% of sales, while apparel accounts for the rest. The numbers are similar at JC Penny. Even Target, a company that aggressively markets their home decor products, still can't manage to sell more home decor than apparel. If huge companies like these are making more from apparel than home decor, you can too! Selling on Etsy? Have a look at the conversion rate for t-shirts on Etsyology (a site that reports on sales data from Etsy). Although conversion rates fluctuate, you'll find t-shirts consistently have a higher conversion rate and less competition than other popular categories like home decor, art, paper goods, etc.

Why does apparel sell better? Simply put, people buy apparel more often. You might buy home decor when you or a friend move to a new place, but most people buy new apparel every few months as the seasons change. If your customers already like your art, they're going to be buying from you WAY more often if you can offer them apparel.

2. T-Shirts: Make Money & Get Free Advertising!
If you're just selling your art on decor items then you're missing out on a ton of free advertising. When your customer buys your art on a poster or limited edition print and hangs it in her home, only she and the friends she invites over will see that art. If you sell that same customer your art on a t-shirt, every person who sees her every time she wears that shirt is going to be looking at your art. Imagine all the people who are going to see that customer on the street, at the supermarket, in the gym, at school, at work, at a bar — that's a lot of eyeballs looking at your art.

People are going to ask your customers "Where'd you get that shirt?!" and your customers are going to say your company name. The more shirts you sell, the more times this will be happening, every day, all over the planet. If you want your brand to be known, you need as many people to see it as possible, and one of the easiest ways to do it is turning your customers into walking billboards for your brand. Best of all, they'll be paying YOU for the privilege of advertising for you.

3. This is a Risk-Free Way to Make More Money Right Now. No, Really!
If you sold just ONE t-shirt every day this month for $25.00, you'd make an additional $300 this month. That's without spending a single dime until those shirts are already sold. (The shirts would cost you a total of $450 and you'd be selling them for a total of $750, leaving you $300 in profit. Capitalism!)

Could you use another $300 this month? Of course you could! Those art supplies ain't cheap! So why would you let one more day go by without taking advantage of all that easy cheddar? There's no risk of losing money and every reason to expect you'll make more money than you're making today. Win + Win = Win/Win!

4. Getting Started Today is Faster Than You Think
We've made it super-easy for you to start selling your art on t-shirts today. All you have to do is:
1. Create your account
2. Download our free product photo templates to create product photos featuring your art
3. Upload your product photos to your existing online store and let your fans know that their long, dark wardrobe nightmare is over.

You can have it all done in less than an hour and already be bringing in more money by this time tomorrow. Once those orders start coming in, all you have to do is send us the order details and pay your weekly invoices. In between laps in your money bin, naturally.